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Kol Dorot Daily - Back To Shabbat

Today is DAY ONE of the Omer.


Torah for Today Anat Katzir, Kol Dorot Educator

"V’samachta b’chagecha ... And you shall rejoice in your Festival…

and you will be only happy.” Deuteronomy 16:14-15

As I’m sitting here today, preparing for my Seder with my family at home, the table seems very small. The computer screen where we will be seeing friends and family as they join us virtually for the celebration, doesn’t quite fill the room in the way that the table extensions and the additional tables and seats filled the room in the past few years as our seders grew to be quite large. Leading up to this evening I was thinking of how will we get the same feeling of joy and happiness.

I decided to find inspiration in this verse that was written about Sukkot. Both Sukkot and Passover are Pilgrimage Festivals, on which the people would gather at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem—so it made sense to connect them. Why are we commanded to be happy? Can we be happy on command? In a lecture I heard recently by a professor from The Happiness Institute (It’s a real thing, I promise you.), much of our happiness comes from our sense of gratitude. Really, we are told to look around and see how fortunate we are and be happy about it. In Sukkot, our ancestors were grateful for their harvest. On Passover, especially this Passover, we are grateful for our freedom, for our health, for our home, for the opportunity to be together with family at home or in screen; from having food on our plates to having people we love so much in our lives and miss having around the table.

Today we are very grateful, and we rejoice in our Seder and in our holiday!


Celebrate Shabbat

*LIVE* Candle Lighting and Shabbat Blessings

Friday, 4/10, 6:00pm

or call (929) 205-6099 Meeting ID: 368 843 542

Bring your candles, your wine, and your...matzah! Or just bring yourself, and we'll welcome Shabbat together.

Friday Night Shabbat Service Video

Watch Any Time!

Pre-recorded by Rabbi Noah, Rabbi David, and Cantor Sarah. Will be posted on Kol Dorot's Facebook and distributed by email immediately following the live candle lighting.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study

Saturday, 4/4, 9:00-10:00am

or call (929) 205-6099 Meeting ID: 549 271 288

A thought-provoking, interactive way to engage with Judaism's foundational text. There is no wrong time to check out Torah study. But now is a great time! All are welcome, and no experience necessary.

Havdallah with Rabbi Noah and Family

Saturday, 4/4, 6:00pm (Pre-recorded)

Our Havdallah service will be posted on the Kol Dorot Facebook page. Will Rabbi Noah be able to top Anat's ukelele from last week? (No promises!)


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