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660 Kinderkamack entrance.jpg

The new spiritual home of Kol Dorot is at 660 Kinderkamack Road. See below for the progress we're making as we convert the space from an office building to an early learning center, a religious school, a house of worship, and a community space.

May 2021 - It's Time to Unpack!

The building's interior work is complete, and the parking lot and exterior are now the focus. We're also beginning the challenging task of unpacking, organizing, and setting up offices, classrooms, and spiritual spaces. Thank you to all our volunteers!

November 2020 - Book Your Tour Today!

We're already leading building tours, so fill out the shulcloud form and book your tour today! In the meantime, here are the latest pictures including our new sign on Kinderkamack Rd., the preschool playset, views from our entrance, offices, and the newly installed stained glass adorning our "lounge".

July - September 2020 - On Our Way

The scaffolds have come off the building's exterior, and a warm shade of blue paint has been applied throughout much of the interior. Actually, the paint is so fresh that there's still protective plastic over the windows. We've begun tiling the bathrooms ... and the bricks arrived. So yes, we're definitely on our way!