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The Millennials of Kol Dorot is a Jewish community connecting millennials in their 20s and 30s. We welcome any and all committed couples and families with at least one Jewish partner, inclusive of Jews by choice, Jews of color, interfaith, interracial and LGBTQIA.

The mission of The Millennials is to create a network of people who are looking to enjoy the company of others within a Jewish community. Think of The Millennials as a group of friends, a support system for interfaith and Jews by choice, and a ‘family’ to practice Jewish rituals with.

The Millennials are striving to host monthly gatherings that range from Shabbat dinners to wine tastings, from Jewish learning to community service. As the group evolves, so will the activities and events, taking into consideration the preferences of the members. While people in The Millennials group  do not need to be members of a temple or synagogue to participate, the hope is to create a community within Kol Dorot – A Reform Jewish Community, for couples to identify with.

For more information and to get emails for upcoming events, please contact Abby Kilian at

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