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Holiday Weekend 10/9-10/11

Shalom Kol Dorot,

Perhaps over these past pandemic months, you've reread a favorite book or rewatched an old favorite movie or TV show. If so, you know that it's different from experiencing something new. Familiarity is deeply comforting—it's like greeting an old friend. And we even often notice things or are affected by things that didn't strike us the last time around.

This evening Simchat Torah arrives, the final station in our journey through the fall holidays. On Simchat Torah, we complete our year-long reading of the Torah, reaching the very end of Deuteronomy. Then we do something remarkable—in the very same breath, we begin reading Torah again from the very beginning of Genesis. This unbroken reading symbolizes Torah's constant presence in our lives and in our community. But also, we are taught that every time we read through the Torah, there is new wisdom waiting for us—new insights, new questions. Torah does not live only on the page or the scroll, but in the interaction between the text and Jews who cherish it. And while the words on the page may be the same year after year, we are constanty changing, and so Torah is always new.

As the amusingly-named sage Ben Bag-Bag used to say about the Torah: "Turn it and turn it again, for everything is in it" (Pirkei Avot 5:26). This year may we find in Torah a little bit more of our everything.

Please see below for information about the following:

1) Tot Shabbat at the Rabbi's Sukkah (Tonight)

2) Shabbat/Erev Simchat Torah Service (Tonight)

3) Torah Study (Saturday morning)

4) Simchat Torah/Shmini Atzeret Service with Yizkor (Saturday morning)

5) Religious School Simchat Torah Camp Day (Sunday morning)

6) Just One More Thing! (a Kol Dorot mitzvah project)

For those who have the custom of lighting yahrzeit candles on Yizkor dates, candles should be lit this evening at sundown, prior to lighting Shabbat/Festival candles.

Chag Sameach,

Rabbi Noah


Tot Shabbat at the Rabbi's Sukkah

Friday, 10/9, 5:00pm

618 Wall Street, Ridgewood

For our children ages 0-6(ish) and their families. Join Rabbi Noah, Cantor Sarah, and Barbara Weinberg at Rabbi Noah's house to celebrate Shabbat and the very end of Sukkot. We will sing songs, do an art project, have a Shabbat snack—it's going to be really fun to be together! Masks are required for adults and children who can wear them. Distancing will be observed.


In-Person Outdoor Simchat Torah/Shabbat Service

Friday, 10/9, 6:00pm Download Prayer Sheet Memorial Field, Oradell For GPS, use 343 Prospect Ave., Oradell We will gather across from Center St. (See map image.) Important Information 1) Please bring your own chair or blanket to be comfortable on the grass field. 2) Masks are required.

3) Social distance of 6' must be observed, except for members of the same household.

4) Any person with a fever or experiencing other symptoms of illness should not attend in-person services.

5) People who are at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19, including older adults and those with underlying medical conditions, are encouraged to participate in services virtually, rather than in person.

6) In case of inclement weather, the outdoor service will not be held. Zoom link will be sent by email.


Livestream Outdoor Sukkot/Shabbat Service

Friday, 10/9, 6:00pm

The Outdoor Sukkot/Shabbat Service will be streamed live on Kol Dorot's Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account. Just click on the link above, and you will find us! Download the prayer sheet for tonight's service HERE.


Torah Study

Saturday, 10/10, 9:00am

Check your email for how to join in

Torah Portion: V'Zot Ha-Brachah

Study Passage: Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 (The end!)

Have you thought about joining our lively, thoughtful group of Torah students on Shabbat morning? Now is the perfect time to give it a try! We're starting the Torah again from the beginning, and absolutely no background is necessary! Torah Study is a lovely Shabbat rhythm to add to your week—you'll be hooked!


Simchat Torah/Shmini Atzeret

Festival Morning Service with Yizkor

Saturday, 10/10, 10:30am

Check your email for how to join in

Our Festival Morning Service has beautiful songs and prayers. We will read the end of Torah and start again from the beginning. We may not be able to unroll an entire Torah via Zoom, but we will find plenty of Torah to celebrate together. A brief Yizkor service will be included.


Kol Dorot Religious School

Simchat Torah Camp Day

Sunday, 10/11, 10:00am

We love taking Religious School to camp, and this year we get to celebrate Simchat Torah! This is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet outdoors in person, with great activities for all of our grade levels. Please see Morah Anat's email from yesterday (Thursday) for full details. Don't forget to fill out the health screening form prior to your arrival at camp!


And Finally...

Just One More Thing!

The Social Action Committee is implementing a new program starting this October. We are asking each family to pick up “Just One More Thing” each month when they go to the store to donate to the food pantry. These items are determined by the food pantry to be what they need most for that month and can change from month to month. The Helping Hands Food Pantry is requesting Stuffing and Yams for the month of October. We will be accepting donations through October 29th.

Donated items can be brought to any of the following addresses found in your email.


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