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In a heartwarming effort to support Church World Service (CWS), a compassionate refugee resettlement agency in Jersey City, Kol Dorot once again rallied together to raise funds for The Sewing Machine Project. This initiative aims to provide sewing machines to immigrant families, serving as both a tool for economic empowerment and a channel for creative expression. With the funds raised, these families can create and sell their own clothing, fostering self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

Members of Kol Dorot had the pleasure of attending a remarkable fashion show organized by CWS, where eight talented designers—three Ukrainians, three Afghans, and two Cubans, all refugees—showcased their creations crafted using sewing machines provided by Kol Dorot. During the event, Kol Dorot received special recognition and heartfelt acknowledgment for spearheading the sewing machine project, having raised an impressive sum of over $18,000. This amount surpassed our previous fundraising efforts, demonstrating our community's unwavering commitment to making a difference.

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