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Tremendous thanks to all of you who participated yesterday in the Kol Dorot Congregational Meeting. I often say: the dues structure, the budget—these are not the things that draw anyone into synagogue life. But "Im ein kemach, ein Torah"—if there is no material support, there can be no Torah. When we are diligent in conducting the "business" of the congregation, every good and important thing we hope to do becomes possible. So thank you.

And special thanks to our co-presidents, Joel Rubin and Donna Selby, who led the meeting thoughtfully and responsibly, despite the unfamiliar and challenging online format. Next time let's do this in person. Halevai!

This week, as recommendations and expectations seem to be rapidly changing, may we all stay healthy and well.

Shavua tov,

Rabbi Noah


Torah for Today

Rabbi Noah

Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis one week ago, protests have spread and violence has flared throughout the country. The Union for Reform Judaism and Cental Conference of American Rabbis have issued strongstatements.

One thing I've learned about being an ally in the cause of anti-racism is to speak less and amplify the voices of Black leaders. In that spirit, I encourage all of us to read the article below, which collects responses to this moment from Black Jewish leaders:

May we work to fulfill the peaceful vision of Psalm 144: "There is no breaking of walls, and no going forth, and no outcry in our streets."


In Case You Missed It

A full recording of Sunday's Congregational Meeting is now online. Check your daily email for the link.

It's not too late to check out Havdallah—the ceremony for the end of Shabbat—with Morah Anat (and Ynon and Yannai)!


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