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An Update from Caring Community

Hello, Kol Dorot friends, This is your message from the Caring Community. No one, no, not one person, has contacted me with “happy” things having happened to them in the past weeks. Let us know your good news. Any new babies? One is on the way soon, will be a third-generation temple member. Grandma is on the temple board, Mom heads the Millennials; let’s see what baby will come up with—maybe a new temple group? Babyennials? No new dogs? No other new babies? But lots of bar and bat mitzvahs; one almost every Shabbat. Tell us your stories. We did hear that Sandy Platt celebrated her ninth, and last, grandchild’s special day a few weeks ago. Mazel tov! Let us hear about others. But we do have new temple members! Here are a few of them: Rob and Leslie Keve live in Ridgewood with Dylan, who is 11, and Josh, 13, who was one of our home outdoor bar mitzvahs. Sixty guests celebrated with him via Zoom. Rob came to the United States from Great Britain eight years ago and came directly to Ridgewood, now an technology entrepreuner. He and Leslie were married in England. A black female Bernese Mountain dog/poodle—big dog--joins them on walks with friends, running and playing with the boys. Welcome, Rob and Leslie, Josh and Dylan! Debra Green is a retired radiologist from Montefiore Hospital. She lives in Demarest. Though her background was in Conservative Judaism, she likes being a part of the Kol Dorot’s Torah Study group on Shabbat mornings, to which she had been introduced by Julia Nock. She is getting used to Reform Judaism services, especially after her first experience at the High Holidays, and she likes Rabbi Noah (had also liked Rabbi David). She may try the temple’s Ethics Class on Wednesdays also. Jeff and Lauren Fischer have been in River Vale for seven years and are busy with eight year-old Morgan and six-year-old twins Alexandra and Shaun, for whom Jeff in a full-time stay-at-home Dad. The family spends a lot of time together, big on sports, especially the children’s soccer, the girls’ dance classes, and their son’s involvement in football. They have hiked all over Bergen County and have a family movie night every week. They are happy to be part of the community with the traditions of Judaism, and making sure their children “are being brought up the way we were.” Steven and Marissa Cofsky have lived in Ridgewood since Ethan, who is 8, came into their lives and now also with Shane, who is 5. Steve grew up on Long Island; Marissa in Monroe Township. He is in marketing and new technology. They love movies—soon, Steve and Marissa, who will be able to see them in actual movie houses again. Susan Koscielny has lived in Cresskill for more than eleven years. She practiced her profession as an ESL teacher for many years and looks forward to when she can again meet with actual students, though Zoom is helping now. She likes hiking, reading, watching films, walking in surrounding areas. She is now a part of the temple’s Caring Community. One of her first involvements as a new temple member was delivering apples and honey at Rosh Hashanah time. Neal and Sharon Berger have been in the Barbados (yes, those Barbados) since February. They took the opportunity of both working from home to rent their house in Alpine, the town where they had lived for eight years and in which they had bought a new house just a year ago, and spend their pandemic time in sunshine and sand. Sharon is now home-schooling Rachel, 11, and Seth, 9, happy also to include learning about the different culture on an island where there are 300,000 people living a normal life, though with all precautions taken—masks, hand sanitizer. Neal is in the investment business and can be in touch with his Wall Street office via the internet. Sharon studied to be a teacher. Though they spend their afternoons at the beach they are, Neal says, “strangers in a strange land,” where they are somewhat homesick for their families. They contact their parents on Shabbat via Zoom. Adam and Meredith Koll have their hands very full in Closter with Harrison, 26 months, and Noah, 5 months. Meredith used to be a special ed teacher before becoming a very busy mom. Dan Zambrano and Jenna Kronenberg are known throughout Kol Dorot. Dan is the tech genius who made possible for all of us to watch the High Holiday services, day after day, service after service, to the audience, perfect. Perfect lighting, perfect placement, perfect forward movement. And Jenna is a child of the temple, of the legacy Beth Or, since she was in religious school in second grade. Daughter of Bill and Janis Kronenberg, she grew up in the temple and was married to Dan with Rabbi Noah officiating. They are now active members of Kol Dorot’s Millennials. They live in Westwood with their two cats, Basil and Toby. Jenna is a professional fund raiser, concentrating especially on reproductive health. Dan has had his own business for eleven years as a creative film maker, particularly for corporate work, universities, and non-profits. These are happy events—new friends in Kol Dorot. Keep your ideas coming back to us at We thank you!


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