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Welcome to Kol Dorot, the Voice of the People! 


At Kol Dorot, we embrace each person as they enter into our community. We welcome everyone interested in being part of a warm Jewish community: Jews, interfaith and interracial families, LGBTQ individuals and families. Our embrace includes opportunities to explore new connections, cultural enrichment, learning at every age and being part of our social justice effort. We know that our world and Judaism are evolving;  balancing tradition and progress, we are evolving as well.

There are many benefits to joining our Kol Dorot Community:

  • High Holy Day services for your nuclear family

  • Priority Early Childhood and Religious School Registration

  • Millenials of Kol Dorot

  • Women of Kol Dorot

  • Men of Kol Dorot

  • Empty Nesters

  • Seniors Group

  • Access to special Shabbat Speaker Series Lunch

  • Participation in social action endeavors

  • Education for everyone in your family from birth to adulthood

  • The joy of participating in an evolving Jewish community


To learn more about our Kol Dorot community, please contact our Executive Director Vivian Davis at 201-664-7422.

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